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DISC Styles and Parenting: DISC Insight for May/ PeopleKey’s Newsletter

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Since Mother’s Day has recently passed, we want to talk about parenting for this month’s DISC Insight. Naturally, a parent wants their children to be happy, healthy, and safe, but since parenting comes with no clear set of rules, how do we set about accomplishing this? It has much to do with what we choose to incorporate from our own parents, our values systems, our support systems, and our situations in life. But also, our personality style and natural tendencies in communication. To go one step further, our children are people too, so they also have personality styles, specific needs and fears, and natural tendencies in communication. By understanding our own styles and those of our children, we can increase communication, anticipate insecurities, and avoid some very predictable conflicts. Below is a very brief breakdown based on primary DISC styles.

PeopleKeys: What is a DISC Behavioral Assessment?

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People often wonder, what exactly is a DISC assessment?  Let’s start off with a little background on DISC and the man who created it, Dr. William Marston(pictured above).  He was a Harvard scholar and published a book in 1928 called Emotions of Normal People which explains his theory of how one’s normal emotions leads to behavioral differences, andContinue Reading

PeopleKeys: April Newsletter

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On April 25th, Administrative Professional’s Day, we thought it only appropriate to talk about support. “Support” is defined as holding up, serving as a foundation, sustaining, and maintaining. The support people of the world are the ones maintaining and sustaining a lot of the systems and the relationships. This can be applied to the support staff of a company or the family member who holds the group together, creating a strong foundation. Of course it’s the visionaries and the charmers who shine in the public eye or who stand out in a group most often, but today it is the diligent, reliable, and patient supporters who we recognize for all that they do.

Peoplekeys: March Newsletter

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from PeopleKeys, DISCinsights,

and the Institute for Motivational Living

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PeopleKeys in the Huffington Post

DISC Insights, our online store selling all of our DISC products powered by PeopleKeys was mentioned in an article a few weeks ago in the Huffington Post! The article is “5 ways to think about Personality Types” by Delia Lloyd. This article is definitely a good read and you can check it out. For moreContinue Reading

DISC Certification now online

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DISC certification powered by PeopleKeys is now available online! After listening to our customers we decided to make the DISC certification course easier to use by now offering the product in an interactive online course. The course is IACET certified and you can receive Continuing Education Credits through IACET.

New DISC profile products powered by PeopleKeys!

Hello bloggers! All of us at PeopleKeys just wanted to give you guys an update on what is new and the great new products we have coming out. First off make sure you take the survey from the PeopleKeys February Newsletter to receive a 20% off coupon towards any of our products. We have a few great new products that have just been released: Student Strengths Report, Perceptual Learning Style Report, Cognitive Thinking Style Report.

PeopleKeys: February Newsletter

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Sometimes it is difficult to recognize when love and affection are being shown to you by others, mainly when their style of showing and receiving love is different from your own. A D-Style may launch into action, solving problems and spending their time working hard to provide for their loved ones. However, if their S-Style partner is longing for quality time, they may feel neglected as a result. By understanding how both you and your partner show and receive love, you can begin to recognize gestures of love that you had never noticed before. Below is a brief breakdown of the D, I, S, and C styles. For a more in-depth analysis, refer to the relationship report.

January Newsletter

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New Year’s Resolutions…They are so easy to make and so difficult to keep.

Year after year, we set our goals in December and by February many of us have already given up. This year can be different by understanding your personality style and keeping your fitness resolution in 2012.

December Newsletter

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Season’s Greetings

from your friends at PeopleKeys, DISCinsights, and the Institute for Motivational Living!
We are dedicated to providing you with quality products, solutions, and expertise in Behavioral Analysis and DISC application. Below is your DISC Insight for December 2011. We’d like to invite you to join the conversation by answering our Christmas Survey and receiving a coupon for our store,